We do not own ourselves.

We do not own ourselves. In fact, we are part of the universe. Therefore we belong to the universe. In other terms, we are parte of The All and, hence, we belong to The All. Of course, it is possible to say that we are God’s children and so that we belong to God. It is philosophically not very important the way (and the word) you define the ‘absolute’ we belong to. What is really crucial is the ACCEPTANCE of our taking part in the ‘absolute’. Such a position is helpful in diminishing our enormous tendency towards protagonism and conceit. Some HUMILITY is always welcome.

We do not own ourselves. We could be in good control of ourselves, we could reach good knowledge of ourselves, we could work hard on ourselves. But we certainly are not the owner of ourselves. Suffice to say that if we owned ourselves we would simply decide not to die. We are creatures of the universe, the absolute, the infinite, God. We belong to whatever lies behind all appearances. Our owner is whatever lies behind our limited borders, to whatever lies behind the mystery of life and reality. Therefore, we should sympathize with all the energies and forces we are amidst of, trying more and more to belong to all.