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Naomi Watts stars in 21 Grams ("File:NaomiWatts2Oct07.jpg" by Telemaque MySon is licensed under CC BY 3.0)


directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (2003) – Humans have no answer to one of the greatest question of their life. It asks if the ruler is Mr. Destiny or Mr. Free Will. In other words, is everything already established or can we make real choices? Possibly, the right answer will forever stay unknown to us. And maybe it is much better this way. In lack of responses, it would be good to organize our life according to principles of RESPONSIBILITY, CARE and WISDOM. In fact, if Mr. Destiny rules we could do everything but to no avail. But if the ruler is Mr. Free Will we would risk too much in not being careful and righteous.

This movie stars Naomi Watts (picture “File:NaomiWatts2Oct07.jpg” by Telemaque MySon is licensed under CC BY 3.0).


directed by Mikael Hafstrom (2007) – Skepticism is an extreme position, like its opposite that is the firm belief in a spiritual reality. We are too limited to take the risk of embracing extreme positions. The risk is to discover too late the wrongness of a choice. In other words, we cannot close  the doors of our life just because we feel comfortable in a single room. And not only we are limited but we are very fragile too. This is why we experience a lot of difficulties to get the necessary stimuli to open up those closed doors. We should combine together OPEN-MINDEDNESS and HUMILITY.



directed by Stanley Kubrick (1968) – The idea of a machine-governed world interrogates mankind. The questions regard scientific matters, ethical problems and a lot of moral issues. The fact is that the technological progress is unstoppable, thus we must balance it with more SPIRITUALITY, LOVE and INTEGRITY. The more technology steps forward the more we need to respect the universal order. When technology progresses we need to make good use of the best sentiments. The more technology enlarges the more we need an honest attitude. It would be a mistake and an utopia to try and restrain the expansion of Science. There is no way in halting computer and algorithms. Instead we can work on ourselves and find the right adaptations to the new world. This is not to accept the situation but to find the smartest ways to react.


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