Be open to the kid inside.

Be open to the kid inside. Follow this simple rule because inside all adults as well as in very old people, still lives a kid. In the same way, a small female always is inside a male person (‘anima‘ in Junghian terms). And a small male person always is inside any woman (‘animus‘). Recognizing the minority parts of our complex soul is one of the tasks of SOUL-SEARCHING, that is a fundamental spiritual exercise in our <CARE OF SELF> philosophy. Indeed, by the term ‘recognizing’ we mean taking care (and RESPONSIBILITY) of our minor components. The serious risk is to become too singular and monolithic. While our true nature is plural and composite.

Be open to the kid inside. It is nice when an adult feels like a kid, because some features of the younger age never die inside our soul. Hence, these features deserve to emerge smoothly every now and then. Actually, it is really strange to be afraid (if not terrified) to show that freshness and youth to the others. In fact, there is nothing to be ashamed of in keeping something kiddish inside ourselves, provided it is under control (a conscious process). It is a priceless quality and nobody should conceal it.