Everyone is a singularity.

Everyone is a singularity. In fact, each one of us is an unrepeatable individual. Therefore, not even two twins are completely the same.

Role models do play an important part when it comes to offer examples that we might follow in life. All in all, we do need paragons and we do need people capable of being inspirational to us. Particularly when we perform the philosophical work on ourselves we require examples of FORTITUDE and PERSEVERANCE. Nonetheless, examples are valuable but they need to be adapted by the learning subject (the student). The risk for any pupil following a teacher is to become himself just a copy of the master, that is to forget his own specificities, identities and personal features.

Everyone is a singularity. The world does not need copies or clones. Variety is the richness of this strange but fascinating human reality in which we live. Hence, variety means that each one has to keep his peculiarities. Moreover, no one should ever consider of being a copy of someone else. Indeed, if one is a perfect copy of another person, there are no more two distinct individuals. In such a case, there only would be two manifestations of the only and same individual.