Everything is a test. In our philosophy we want also the action of ‘talking’ to be a trial. And we want ‘walking’ to be an examination, ‘eating’ to be a check, ‘sleeping’ to be an investigation (about our behaviour). The aim of this particular mindest is to obtain lucidity, attention and perfection. Conditions that we want to reach through SELF-DISCIPLINE, READINESS and CARE. In fact, we like to devote great attention to all details and nuances of ordinary life, even as regards ‘minor’ activities. Anyway, we are stressing here a very special difficulty linked to the peculiarity of our mind. It is the problem of switching off our conscience.

Everything is a test. Therefore, a very challenging test is to try and not thinking (at all) for any lapse of time. Well, it would be easy to mock such a test saying that 99 per cent of the people already have not a single thought in mind 24 hours a day… .  But our test IS serious. In fact, everyone can easily experience how difficult it is to stop the incessant flow of our mind. We always have our mind in full operation, one thought after the other, all the time. Our test could only be further testimony of how much we are slaves of this unstoppable function that we name conscience. Nonetheless, it would be really nice, every now and then, to win some silence, some rest, some peace of mind.