Evil is in our life.

Evil is in our life. It is the price humans pay for having a conscience. It is the cost of being self-aware about themselves and about what they do. In fact, all the other animals do not know what evil is, because all they do belongs to Nature, Cosmos, All, God. The same applies to very innocent people as babies and some special persons who are unaware of evil. Therefore, it is the so-called ‘free will‘ of human beings at the origin of evil (here we intend it as ‘moral evil‘). Being a consequence of our nature, we should take wickedness into account and sort of take it for granted. Nonetheless, as a ‘by-product’ of OUR mind we should deal with it, fight against it and possibly win it. The sin is inherent in our existence but we must confront it. We have to do it because it is our destiny to deal with evil.

Evil is in our life. Philosophical and religious questions about the origin (and existence) of malice and wickedness have tested the mind of scholars for centuries. Maybe badness is only a lack of goodness (a diminution or an absence of probity) thereby having not a specificity of its own. Or, maybe, evil is a distinct reality of our life, to the point of being personified by satanic entities. As in many other similar instances, mankind will keep on debating it forever. In short, there are certain things the intellect cannot but fail to grasp. Those things might be much more evident to our soul and our purest intuition. HOLISM and TRAINING could be helpful.