Habits are chains.

Habits are chains. And habits come not only from our societies, schools, parents, neighbours and friends but they are often self-imposed. In other words, a lot of our habits (a lot of our chains) are self-imposed. Thus, we create many a CHAIN. Only to complain about this and that chain. Only to dream about FREEDOM from all chains. It is a perverse behaviour, but we perfectly know how perverted the human mind is. Some of us even believe that the mind is itself a perversion in its very essence.

Habits are chains. For instance, we have the habit of thinking that the risk of being “enslaved” comes only from other people and external situations. This is a habit we should liberate ourselves from, because the most dangerous risks come instead from our own fragilities, fears and weaknesses. At the end of the day, it is our own habits that we are very likely to end up imprisoned by. But there is a good point in such a deplorable situation. The good point is that if it is easy for us to create habits (chains) it should be equally easy for us to break those chains. Therefore, it is up to us to work on ourselves. It is up to us to begin a serious SOUL-SEARCHING and dislodge the habits. At least the bad ones.