Judge yourself.

Judge yourself. The spiritual exercise of SOUL-SEARCHING is basically judging oneself. Do not mind too much other people’s judgements and evaluation about you. In fact, you are the only one who really knows your most profound motives, troubles and objectives. Therefore, you technically are the only one properly entitled to rate yourself. Indeed, when assessing their friends and neighbours, people mainly vent ther envy, jealousy and bitterness. Or at least they are full of suspicions and afterthoughts. Such an attitude is a common although despicable human habit. Actually, it is extremely rare to find people capable of expressing reliable estimations regarding their friends and neighbours.

Judge yourself. Do not pay much attention to other people’s opinions. Very often they are likely to confuse and distract you. Sometimes they might even derail you. Notwithstanding, we live (and we try to survive) among other people’s judgements. And it is undeniable that DECENCY and DIGNITY require us to pay a certain amount of attention to the opinions we are daily subject to. However, any exaggeration in depending on public’s evaluation is wrong and we must always carefully discern whose opinions deserve our real attention, distinguishing sages and MASTERS from jealous, useless and inconsistent people.