Know yourself.

Know yourself. This is one of our two most compelling prescriptions (the other one being ‘take CARE of yourself’). Nonetheless, knowing oneself must never mean overrating or even enflating oneself. In fact, our philosophy is also adamant in cultivating HUMILITY while rejecting arrogance, self-conceit and vanity. It means that the process of getting to know oneself, in our view, implies the ACCEPTANCE of our limits, shortcomings and defects. Of course, we also want to improve ourselves. Therefore, we want to perform a work on ourselves (SOUL-SEARCHING) in order to refine our thinking and beahaviour. Nonetheless, we are well aware that we must keep in our mind the idea of perfection knowing that we could never reach it in the fullest.

Know yourself.  The sharp interrogation about ourself, our identity, our relation (with our soul) and our position (in the overall reality), is part of a demanfing philosophical process. Actually it is the basis of the <CARE OF SELF> approach (the core notion of this website). Nonetheless, this large and engaging interrogation cannot become sort of an obsession (which would feature undeniable narcissistic hints). Otherwise, it would reverse into a serious psychological problem instead of being a desirable form of ‘awareness’. A balance is crucial between our philosophical directives and the tendency to overemphasize what we believe in.