Scars are memo of the past.

Scars are memo of the past. As effective reminders of our mistakes and errors we should never complain about them. Instead, people try to efface scars, to forget about the past, to ignore the mistakes made along the road leading to present days. Of course cicatrices are always very unpleasant and ugly to see and to feel. Hence, nobody likes scars (either the real and the metaphorical ones). But the elimination of a blemish might mean the rejection of the learnings which usually come with it. So, we’d better keep all the marks on our skin and on our soul rather than risking to incur in the same blunders of the past. Actually, we could even be proud and bold as regards our scars. We might wear them as stars and valuable recognitions on our uniform. This way, they can add to our AUTHORITATIVENESS and CHARISMA.

Scars are memo of the past. Yet there is a very good reason for cicatixes to stay so long on the surface of our skin. Sometimes they are there to help us remember our faults and miscalculations. Some other times the wounds are testimony of what we managed to suffer and endure. On other occasions they stay on as a recall of how some people were nasty to us. Okay, scars are not nice to see, but they have a very relevant job to do.