The real work is on oneself.

The real work is on oneself. So we should always keep in mind that all our other activities depend on the principal occupation on ourselves. In fact, ours is the philosophy of the <CARE OF SELF> because taking CARE of oneself is the preoccupation with oneself. As long as we do with SCRUPULOUSNESS the crucial work on ourselves we can successfully engage in our other daily enterprises. However, we should also remember that the work on oneself is a never-ending one. It is so because the human nature is infinite, with infinite possibilities and infinite options.

The real work is on oneself. We engage ourselves in jobs, works and tasks of all kinds, too often forgetting to perform the most important of all, which is precisely the work on ourselves. By that we mean the philosophical mission of reviewing our lives, our practices, our behaviours, our ways of thinking. If we happen to have no ordinary job (if we happen to be unemployed) at least we could try and take advantage of the time available. In fact, a lot of time is necessary in order to start working on the crucial assignment which is the work on oneself. Ponderation is a way. Study is another way. TRAINING and SOUL-SEARCHING are our ways.