Trust yourself before the others. It is possible to grant confidence in (or dependence on) a person only when entertaining a good relation with oneself. In other words, he who does not trust himself is extremely unlikely to be able to believe in other people. Therefore, a spiritually healthy life should start from the work on oneself (SOUL-SEARCHING) which enables the individual to acquire a necessary SELF-CONFIDENCE. But this is a difficult mental process requiring some TRAINING. The starting point is the consistent practice of RIGHTEOUSNESS with the others, but also with oneself, saying the truth to oneself about oneself.

Trust yourself before the others. Hence, fight the natural tendency in taking for granted the reliance on yourself. As a matter of fact, the trust in oneself must be won through a long work on oneself. The point is that trusting oneself requires the accomplishment of some elemental conditions. First of all one must establish a transparent and honest inner dialogue. If the subject performs a hard work on his soul, on his self, on his ego, then it is possible for him to nurture a trustworthy relationship of the self with itself. Otherwise, it could be much more dangerous to trust oneself instead of the others.