We intend Defusing as the Latin ‘moderatione’.

<To defuse> means to make (a situation) less dangerous, tense, or hostile. For instance, we may say to defuse a hostage situation. Hence, we use here the term DEFUSING in referring to a mental action similar to “play down” or “downsize”. It is an art, a practice and a technique. Its ultimate goal is the reduction of all facts (especially the ones considered dramatic) to their natural sizes. The de-emphasizing process takes place through a process of reconsideration (putting things in a larger universal context).

DEFUSING demands a profound and serene understanding of our insignificance in front of the immensity. Therefore it requires a comprehension of how small all singular things/individuals are (before the infinite).

DEFUSING is not only a mental operation to perform under specific circumstances. Actually, it is a constant method to approach everyday events. In fact, almost all things and occurrences need that we defuse them. This is because our strange mind incessantly tends to amplify reality again and again. It is essential for our wellness that we put all happenings in a much wider and less traumatic perspective.

We intend Defusing as the Latin 'moderatione'.

We intend Defusing as the Latin ‘moderatione’. Some good TRAINING helps in acquiring effectiveness in this procedure of reduction. All in all, we are talking of a mindset inversion. To switch from the habit of overestimating everything to the new ‘more natural’ habit of interpreting reality. Of course, the GUIDANCE of experienced MASTERS might facilitate the learning of this ability.

This is Sokratiko’s way to interpret the notion of DEFUSING. Please continue to browse our list of philosophical TOPICS by clicking on the other entries of our list.