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Movies E is the list of films whose titles start with E

Bob Dylan wrote the first lines of Ballad Of Easy Rider included in the soundtrack of Easy Rider ("dylan poster" by Christian Desrosiers is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0)


  directed by Dennis Hopper (1969; in 2012 was released the prequel EASY RIDER: THE RIDE BACK directed by Dustin Rikert) – Any philosophical lifestyle asks for high level of FREEDOM (i.e. emancipation from conventional standards). Yet philosophy is more demanding and it requires as well COURAGE, SELF-CONFIDENCE and the total ACCEPTANCE of all the uncomfortable consequences. This is quite a point. Many people throw themselves right into the action, but are ready to complain if afterwards they have to pay the price.

This movie’s soundtrack includes Ballad Of Easy Rider by Roger McGuinn whose first lines were written by Bob Dylan (picture: “dylan poster” by Christian Desrosiers is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0).


  directed by Stanley Kubrick (1999) – Dream and reality, truth and fiction are different dimensions which we need to harmonize. In fact the balance is necessary for us to maintain the right EQUILIBRIUM. So it is never advisable either to confuse dream with reality or to stick to reality without any get-away with imagination. Dreams and fantasies are important not to live too close to the ground. Yet a world of imagination would make anybody too fragile to cope with the practicalities of everyday life.



  directed by Steven Spielberg (1982) – Sometimes reality could be so unexpectedly surprising as to overcome any form of imagination. Therefore READINESS is the best resource to face even the most astonishing events. Furthermore there are cases when the best asset is COURAGE in order for us to take advantage of one-off chances. Flexibility and adaptability are the names of the game when the unpredictable comes. But you can easily find how difficult it is to stay open when life forces you to close the doors.


Movies E is the list of films whose titles start with E. Continue browsing our list of inspirational movies by visiting the other letters.