Always check your edges.

Always check your edges. If you are not aware of the perimeter which surrounds yourself and your life you have no valid points of reference. Thus, without clear and recognizable margins you are like a car on a sideless road. And, in such a condition, it might be very easy to go astray. Edges here mean the limits and the fringes of life. Of your life (mine could actually have different brinks). Your edges do represent the mental and spiritual location where your existence takes place. In other words, they represent your world. That is, your personal dimension. In short, your specific reality (which, again, might differ substantially from mine and from the others’).

We should keep in mind that flying (metaphorically) is to loose the bridles of fantasy, when creativity and imagination reach unusual highs of vision. On the contrary, crawling (metaphorically) is to lose DECENCY, DIGNITY and SOBRIETY, reaching unusual lows of debasement. Always check your edges. Because we human beings are capable of commendable acts of sheer heroism. But we human beings are also capable of the most despicable behaviours. Moreover, we are often unaware either of our highness and of our lowness. This is another good reason for counting on the aid of a “third party”. That is someone who acts as a GUIDANCE, a master, a teacher, a philosophical friend.