Every choice has a price.

Every choice has a price. This is an inescapable rule of life. An easy rule but one that is quite difficult to make our own. In fact, nowadays people are generally determined to make the most comfortable choices being unwilling to pay their prices. Instead, it is comfort and pleasure that usually require high prices to pay. Therefore, it is a legitimate choice the one for delight and enjoyment, provided that one accepts the cost. It is a process of awareness which requires maturity and ACCEPTANCE. Of course, even the most disagreeable and unpleasant choices come with a toll. But in those cases the tariff is in the coices itself. For instance, if one decides to stay home for months in order to study, he pays the price of never going out with friends and of never enjoying himself. Nonetheless, he will probably be rewarder by passing the exam or by becoming an expert in something.

Every choice has a price. In philosophy OPEN-MINDEDNESS and FREEDOM are real values, but so it is for RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY. Hence, one is really free to choose his own lifestyle (with very good motivations and arguments), but he must then take into account the price to pay. So he should never ask for any discount when the time comes to open up the “wallet”.