Win the war with yourself.

Win the war with yourself. This is the most important challenge in everybody’s life. In order to win, you must realize that you are at the same time the warrior and his worst enemy. In fact, being SELF-CONTROL (through SOUL-SEARCHING, and SELF-DISCIPLINE) the key of our philosophy, we must combat bad habits and vices. And this is a difficult task not only because the eradication of wrong practices is always hard to accomplish, but also because fighting oneself is a terribly heavy engagement. However, it is only after confronting oneself that is possible to wage war against the external enemies (be them events, circumstances or bad people).

Win the war with yourself. All along our life we are likely to fight many a war against enemies and obstacles of all kinds. The philosophical tradition of this website (<CARE OF SELF>) teaches that the first and foremost war to fight (and to win) is the one against ourselves, that is against our prejudices, our false assumptions, our bad habits and our nasty dispositions. Moreover, once we have learnt how to win ourselves, we are well trained for the next steps. Thus we are really ready to undertake other battles against other difficult adversaries.