We intend Imperturbability as the Latin ‘tranquillitate’.

Keeping a stable and temperate conduct – particularly in dire straits – is evidence of a solid and reliable character. It is extremely rare as a spontaneous trait of human beings. Most of the time it is the fruit of an hard work on oneself. A long PERSEVERANCE in practicing SELF-DISCIPLINE is necessary in order to obtain SELF-CONTROL.

IMPERTURBABILITY is not only the faculty which allows the restraint of rage, envy, spite and other basic reactions. In the first place, it is the condition for not being in any way susceptible to the injuries of offenses and abuses. Therefore, this complete and profound composure does not even allow the birth of bad feelings and emotions.

We intend Imperturbability as the Latin 'tranquillitate'.

We intend Imperturbability as the Latin ‘tranquillitate’. This quiet and impeccable state is extremely difficult to attain. Because we constantly suffer instinctual, physiological, chemical, nervous and mental conditions of many kinds. Despite all the difficulties in achieving it, IMPERTURBABILITY still is an important point of reference of a philosophical lifestyle. Nobody could ever say of himself “I am in control” if too far away from this enviable position of pure detachment.

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