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Movies I is the list of films whose titles start with I

John Cusack stars in Identity ("File:John Cusack Headshot.jpg" by Rotatebot is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)


  directed by James Mangold (2003) – We do not have just one single “self”: into our soul live many more personalities. And each one of them presents different features. Those “selves”, quite often, have conflicting attitudes and discording priorities. Therefore SOUL-SEARCHING and EQUILIBRIUM are important in order to combine and harmonize all of our diverse sides. The goal is transforming a potentially explosive multiplicity in a fertile richness.

This movie stars John Cusack as Edward “Ed” Dakota (picture: “File:John Cusack Headshot.jpg” by Rotatebot is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0).


  directed by Roland Emmerich (1996; in 2016 was released the sequel INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE, still directed by Roland Emmerich) – Anthropocentrism is an obvious absurdity if we just take into account the immensity of the universe. Hence the reasonable idea of extraterrestrial entities should invite us to reconsider with HUMILITY and SOBRIETY our condition. However it is alway very close the risk that hubris and arrogance prevail. That is why philosophy invitesits followers to perform daily mental practices.



  directed by Quentin Tarantino (2009) – War is cruel and barbaric. In such a taxing condition no human being escapes extreme emotions and behaviours. War put everyone to the test and reveals our TRAINING, SELF-CONFIDENCE, SPIRITUALITY and sheer COURAGE. Anyway armed conflicts are so much specific situations that philosophy accepts a certain degree of adaptation to them. It means that in order to survive battles and clashes we must be shrewd and sly without betraying our nature.



  directed by Christopher Nolan (2002) – Basic needs, as “time to rest” and “proper sleep”, when not fulfilled, immediately cause serious physical and mental alterations. In state of elementar deprivation we usually disclose the truth about our EQUILIBRIUM and FORTITUDE. Sometimes tiredness and sleeplessness could also open up unexpected psychological faculties. Nonetheless any experimentation in such dangerous territories should be conducted with maximum diligence and caution.



  directed by Jon Turteltaub (1999) – We are not the best living creatures. We are not superior to other animals. We only have different, specific attributes. And we use them in the worst ways. We are capable of atrocities that other animals would never perform even under the most terrible conditions. Therefore we should bend our head in shame and return much closer to natural standards. SERENITY, GRATEFULNESS and IMPERTURBABILITY are abundant in nature.



  directed by Christopher Nolan (2014) – If this is only one of the uncountable possible worlds we should review a lot of assumptions. For instance our idea of the human position in the cosmos should become decisively humbler in the name of RELATIVISM. If millions of other worlds are simultaneous with this one, the human condition needs to be investigated through new DEFUSING lenses.



  directed by Andrew Niccol (2011) – Time is an illusion, the most formidable and deceptive one. Yet our entire life is regulated and scheduled by time-related factors. The relationship of human beings with time (and space) is a philosophical matter deserving a lot of CARE, SPIRITUALITY and HOLISM.



  directed by Sean Penn (2007) – It is possible to choose a completely alternative, uncommon and unorthodox lifestyle. Actually some people (not many) do it. The point that has to be clear when embarking in such uncustomary routes regards the availability to pay the price. Whoever opts for atypical ways of living must ensure himself to have sufficient READINESS, TRAINING and EQUILIBRIUM.



  directed by Frank Oz (1997) – Coming to terms with one’s own sexuality is a relevant part of the general process of development. This entire process could be led with the great help of relevant philosophical practices like SOUL-SEARCHING and TRAINING.


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