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Movies C is the list of films whose titles start with C

Kate Winslet stars in Carnage ("Labor Day 03" by GabboT is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)


  directed by Roman Polanski (2011) – War and other great tragedies are the most challenging events for mankind. However we all know how much harsh discussions between “civilized” people might prove similarly confrontational. So even dialogues demand utter SELF-CONTROL, DECENCY and RESPECT.

This movie stars Kate Winslet as Nancy Cowan (picture: “Labor Day 03” by GabboT is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0).


  directed by Steven Spielberg (2002) –  You are smart, ready, canny, attentive, sly and you also have the ability of impersonating whoever you want. This way you easily become rich zigzagging among any kind of fraud, swindle and hoax. But you never worked on yourself and all you do is out of an intimate desperation. In other words it is not a clear-headed choice. So you’re bound to disaster and that’s exactly what happens at the end. What a pity! Had you conducted a large SOUL-SEARCHING, you could have been a successful and accomplished young man. Even better with the aid of a good GUIDANCE.



  directed by Brad Silberling (1998) – Humans and angels should never defy their own nature, their own destiny and their own mission. Therefore all entities should show ACCEPTANCE of their limits, COMPLIANCE towards the Absolute and RESPONSIBILITY towards the other creatures.



  directed by Steven Spielberg (1977) – The attraction towards the Unknown or towards possible other worlds is understandable. In fact it is a sign of the uneasiness we feel in our poor human condition. Nonetheless we should always remind that a philosophical lifestyle requires CONCRETENESS, ACCEPTANCE and HUMILITY.


Movies C is the list of films whose titles start with C. Continue browsing our list of inspirational movies by visiting the other letters.