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Movies F is the list of films whose titles start with F

"Face / Off (Movie) - Fan Art Wallpaper - "Ready for the Big Rig Ride"" by Mystic Soul Fan Art is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


  directed by John Woo (1997) – How disturbing would be to meet someone with exactly our same face (not similar but identical)? Why would such an experience result intensely dramatic, unsettling and traumatic? Is our look (the one we feature in all ID documents) the real essence of our own identity? Facing – what a proper verb! – questions like these is an interesting philosophical effort/exercise. It involves at least a lot of TRUTHFULNESS and INTEGRITY.

This movie stars John Travolta as Sean Archer / Castor Troy and Nicolas Cage as Castor Troy / Sean Archer (picture: “Face / Off (Movie) – Fan Art Wallpaper – “Ready for the Big Rig Ride”” by Mystic Soul Fan Art is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).


  directed by Joel Schumacher (1993) – There are unpredictable times when life offers authentic tests to verify our “roadholding”, INTEGRITY and SELF-CONTROL. It might be very dangerous to face these demanding circumstances without READINESS and a very effective TRAINING. Of course, all true preparations deserve a lot of time in adavance otherwise they do not work when the challenges come.



  directed by Thomas Vinterberg (2015) – It doesn’t matter how nice, good-looking, attractive, lucky, rich, energetic and cultivated you are. If you didn’t perform a solid work on yourself and didn’t go through a lengthy SOUL-SEARCHING you lack yourself. Then you are likely to make serious mistakes. So you might risk to waste all you have. A serious crisis is always beyond the next corner and you must be ready to face it. TRAINING is indispensable.



  directed by Gus Van Sant (2000) – No master (teacher, professor, mentor) is perfect because perfection does not belong to this world. A real master provides a GUIDANCE, even accepting his own weaknesses and flaws. When a master understands that his interaction with someone proves beneficial to the latter he forget about himself. Thus he does not concentrate on his own problems but on the good to deliver to his pupil (student, follower).



  directed by Mark Fergus (2006) – It is impossible for us to know whether we do have real margins of FREEDOM in life. The doubt stays still about everything being already written in the book of destiny. In any case, we know there are universal forces much stronger than us. Therefore COMPLIANCE and HUMILITY are always advisable in order to accept the unstoppable course of things.



  directed by Joel Schumacher (1990; in 2017 was released a remake with the same title Flatliners directed by Niels Arden Oplev) – Going very close to our limits might be a substantial part of a philosophical life. At the same time, WISDOM is a very good part as well. COURAGE is different from recklessness. The first is a virtue, the second is a mistake. So it is always nice not to trespass the humble human borders.



  directed by Robert Zemeckis (1994) – High scores in the I.Q. tests are unnecessary to lead a philosophical life. On the contrary, intelligence and purely intellective faculties might represent an impediment on the way to a philosophical existence. Instead CANDIDNESS and DECENCY are highly desirable. All and all philosophy is not brain and logic, contrary to what it seems nowadays.



  directed by Stanley Kubrick (1987) – There are times when we are (or we feel) unfairly abused, mocked, scoffed. These are the times when we are likely to end up in deep desperation. Nonetheless, under unfavorable circumstances, we still have a choice. Either we cry about the tragedy and failure of our life or we consider the difficulties as an hard test. A powerful TRAINING is the fastest way to grow up.


Movies F is the list of films whose titles start with F. Continue browsing our list of inspirational movies by visiting the other letters.