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Movies S is the list of films whose titles start with S

Liam Neeson stars in Schindler's List ("File:Liam Neeson Deauville 2012 3.jpg" by JJ Georges is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)


  directed by Steven Spielberg (1994) – Human minds could reach utter distortion when devoid of any RESPECT, any sense of RESPONSIBILITY, any kind of SPIRITUALITY. Furthermore, when sick and perverted minds consort with one another the resulting brutality goes way beyond imagination. Anyway such people are most of the time irrecoverable. The point is how to deal with them. Ruling out reactions at the same level of violence, the opponents must possess immense amount of WISDOM, patience and craftiness.

This movie stars Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler (picture: “File:Liam Neeson Deauville 2012 3.jpg” by JJ Georges is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0).


  directed by Chris Menges (1994) – The adoption of a child might become a challenging and engaging endeavor. Not only for the legal, procedural and bureaucratic efforts but for the personal strife as well. All turning points of life are big chances for a profound SOUL-SEARCHING and for the following transformations of oneself.



  directed by David Koepp (2004) – One task of our life is to reach a satisfactory degree of EQUILIBRIUM. And this is possible through the spiritual exercises of the <care of self> philosophy. Among these philosophical practices stands a daily review of our actions. When we do not philosophically take care of ourseleves, terrible incidents might occur in the mind. Even to the point of suffering profound duplicities.



  directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (1997) – Even cocky, conceited and arrogant people could undergo profound transformations in contact with people rich in SPIRITUALITY. Of course it is just a possibility. In fact it is only through real interactions that a change takes place. The subject of the transformation has to be available and show at least some OPEN-MINDEDNESS.



  directed by Martin Scorsese (2010) – “To live as a monster or to die as a good man?”. This is a philosophical question which needs a philosophical mindset either if you ask it and if you answer it. It is clear from this movie that TRAINING is necessary when dealing with psychological troubles. Because these problems might affect you and they also might regard the others.



  directed by Denis Villeneuve (2015; in 2018 was released the sequel SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO, directed by Stefano Sollima) – Common sense suggests never to trespass some borders. Not only phisical boundaries but also ideal ones. Moreover we should remember that sometime is the violation itself to be dangerous. Though sometimes the peril is mostly in the way back. SELF-CONTROL and CONCRETENESS are good companions to ease such hazardous enterprises.



  directed by Peter Howitt (1998) – An entire life can depend from a single pair of sliding doors. Of course, this is simply a metaphor about each crossroad we meet on our way on a daily basis. A split second can make the difference between happiness and sadness, between failure and success, between life and death. READINESS and ACCEPTANCE are two key qualities which might help us to deal with the unpredictability of it all.



  directed by Alfonso Poyart (2015) – Is it really compassionate the killing of suffering people for the heartfelt purpose of sparing them pain and agony? Or mercy should be limited to care and empathy, with HUMILITY and COMPLIANCE? Dilemmas like that are at the core of an authentic philosophical study. But we should all wish never to face similar problems when we wake up in the morning. Because both choices are really hard.



  directed by Marc Forster (2005) – Anyone could incur in a disgraceful accident. Life is full of misfortune and it is impossible to keep away from them. So the solution is not to stay at home (where incidents happen anyway) but to learn to cope with mishaps. All negative occurrences must be mentally processed not to backfire on our SERENITY.



  directed by Brad Anderson (2014)  – Who is sane and who is fool? Where does the border lie between eccentricity and madness? Is there any such border? Who is it that establish this kind of frontiers? Extreme coherence might belong to crazy people? And extreme madness might regard ordinary people? Well, WISDOM is crucial in order to examine these intricate and delicate issues. A philosophical approach might be of great help.



  directed by Saul Dibb (2014) – AFFECTION (in common language referred to as “love”) finds unpredictable ways and unexpected situations to impose its rule. But it is not true that “love” always means happiness, purification and redemption. Sometimes it realizes only a few of its possibilities. Not beacuse it is not powerful enough in itself. But because the subjects it impacts upon still retain the freedom to accept it entirely or partially (they can even choose to reject it).


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