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Movies P is the list of films whose titles start with P

John Travolta stars in Phenomenon ("File:JohnTravoltaWildHogs.jpg" by Nehrams2020 is licensed under CC BY 3.0)


  directed by Jon Turteltaub (1996) – All of us might dream about superhuman powers. Nonetheless one of the most valuable rule of our philosophical lifestyle is the full ACCEPTANCE of the hardships of living. Moreover we accept the tough work connected to TRAINING, studying, practicing. Therefore our philosophy would never allow for elusive shortcuts to obtain an easy life.

This movie stars John Travolta as George Malley (picture: “File:JohnTravoltaWildHogs.jpg”  by Nehrams2020 is licensed under CC BY 3.0).


  directed by Joel Schumacher (2002) – Reactions under threat and in very unusual circumstances do reveal a lot about one’s TRAINING, COURAGE and SELF-CONTROL. The truth comes out when one faces the real tests of life. Before any crucial confrontation with reality all words are just words and all boastings are just boastings.



  directed by Alan Parker (1982) – Drugs and other artificial ways to escape from squalid realities are not the answer to ouruneasiness/unhappiness. Hallucinations can only ease the tension for a short while. And, immediately after their fake visions, they ask for a high price. In addition, mirages and delusions make things even more confused. Please reject false answers and look instead for more CONCRETENESS, HUMILITY and EQUILIBRIUM.



  directed by Herbert Ross (1972) – There are moments when INTEGRITY, DECENCY and DIGNITY must prevail on our own feelings, even on emotions and affection. RESPECT and EQUILIBRIUM require us to make the “right choice” at the cost of pleasure, joy and even happiness. The unconvinging alternative is to let transient emotions and perceptions prevail upon universal values. And this is not a philosophical choice.



  directed by Kathryn Bigelow (1991) – It is quite easy to choose a “revolutionary” lifestyle. This might be an option in the name of freedom and against conformity. If that is the idea it is not uncommon to take the road of criminality, not for the money but in order “to fight the system”. Much harder (but extremely more valuable) is an unconventional lifestyle of SOBRIETY, RESPECT and COMPLIANCE.



  directed by Gregory Hoblit (1996) – Dramatic splits of personality might take place when we do not reconsider, elaborate and overcome a traumatic past. Whoever wears two or more masks, ends up forgetting that they are merely masks. As a consequence he might believe himself in the role or roles he is acting. SOUL-SEARCHING is one of the way leading to a more harmonious soul.



  directed by Alfred Hitchcock (1960) – In The Pervert’s Guide to CinemaSlavoj Žižek notes that the house of Bates (psychotic chief character) has three floors. He suggests a parallel with the three levels of the human mind that Freudian psychoanalysis postulates. So the top floor would be the superego, where Bates’ mother lives. Then the ground floor would be Bates’ ego, where he functions as an apparently normal human being. In conclusion, the basement would be Bates’ id. Žižek also has an idea about Bates’ moving his mother’s corpse from top floor to basement. He says it as a symbol for the deep connection that psychoanalysis posits between superego and id. Mental wounds need to be healed not to leave behind scars which may cut one’s personality. Working on oneself is never too late to achieve COHERENCE and SERENITY.


Movies P is the list of films whose titles start with P. Continue browsing our list of inspirational movies by visiting the other letters.