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Movies A is the list of films whose titles start with A

Russell Crowe stars in A BEAUTIFUL MIND ("A Good Night_006" by GabboT is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)


directed by Ron Howard (2001) – An ingenious mind might lead to mental disorders if the counterbalance are not TRAINING, CONCRETENESS and EQUILIBRIUM. Protections against the self-destruction deriving from an excessive brain are also constant SELF-CONTROL and sustained SOUL-SEARCHING.

This movie stars Russell Crowe as mathematician John Forbes Nash (picture: “A Good Night_006” by GabboT is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 ). Look for the book written by Sylvia Nasar in the BOOKS section of this site.


directed by Alexander Payne (2002) – Getting old might be excruciatingly engaging if we do not prepare the old age, with WISDOM, in previous times. The construction of the declining years, in advance, should ensure DIGNITY and INTEGRITY for us all until our last days.



directed by Clint Eastwood (1997) – Accuracy, exactitude and SCRUPULOUSNESS are essentials even to be a professional thief (not an occasional burglar). At the same time FORTITUDE and SELF-CONTROL are crucial to embark on the most demanding enterprises.



directed by Stanley Kubrick (1971) – Alternative life-styles are an option if not a must for any philosophy-enthusiast. But the criminal alternative is stupid, banal and too easy. First of all, philosophical modes of living should arise from principles of RIGHTEOUSNESS and RESPECT. Otherwise, they would result in chaotic, confused and dangerous behaviors.



directed by Charles Chrichton (1988) – Contempt and irreverence towards trivial standards of society might be understandable as valid attitudes. But they become values when going along with lightness, smiles and the witty art of DEFUSING (putting things into perspective). It is exactly the art of playing down things that the humorous group Monty Pithon knew very well. And this movie owes a lot to that comical experience, apart from the formidable presence of John Cleese.



directed by Martin Scorsese (1985) – It is under unexpected and unsettling circumstances that EQUILIBRIUM, SELF-CONFIDENCE and FORTITUDE are really put to the test. After all, we do not know ourselves until we must confront real challenges. But the best human qualities need the steady support of TRAINING and READINESS.



directed by Ridley Scott (1979) – Anthropocentrism is the natural stance of Homo Sapiens. Nonetheless a philosophical life requires that we mitigate our anthropocentrism as much as we can. We should never forget that we are just animals with a bigger brain (compared to other animals). And “bigger brain” does not mean “better life”. Philosophy promotes a wider universal approach based on RELATIVISM and HOLISM.



directed by Shainee Gabel (2004) – Even cultivated and articulated people might fall into vileness, laziness and worthlessness. It happens to the best persons who do not benefit from solid philosophical values. Furthermore, even the best people on earth always need SELF-CONTROL.



directed by Milos Forman (1984) – Talent often comes out of the box with naivety. In fact, CANDIDNESS seems a common side-effect of a benevolent and enthusiastic soul. Yet, the same purity – when left on its own – might result in a serious lack of CONCRETENESS and WISDOM. Please, do not waste your qualities counting just on them and refusing to work on your shortcomings.



directed by Clint Eastwood (1993) – The perfect world does not exist. Same for the perfect human being. In such a limited condition, the philosophical imperative to live in this (non perfect) world is DIGNITY. Only decorum and virtue might counterbalance our faults and the imperfections of the ever-changing reality.



directed by Francis Ford Coppola (1979) – A talented man with noble values and a profound RIGHTEOUSNESS should never lack CONCRETENESS, SOBRIETY and HUMILITY. In fact, a brilliant mind might goes astray when coping with the misery of other people. Therefore, even the most gifted people should apply self-restraint in order not to lose DECENCY.



directed by Tom Ford (2010) – In front of personal losses or other similar disgraces, it is decisive to react with FORTITUDE and DIGNITY. Philosophy urges everybody to avoid depression and self-pity, even under the worst circumstances. It also imposes to all philosophers that they keep themselves in control and maintain the maximum level of SERENITY.



directed by John Wells (2013) – Out-of-routine moments are to be taken the highest advantage of. For instance, we could transform unexpected and unusual household circumstances in valuable chances to review our past. And to understand once and for all our relatives. Thus, we would have the opportunity to apply FORGIVENESS to ourself and the others for past mistakes, wrongdoings and misunderstandings.



directed by Fatih Akin (2017) – Your six-year-old son and your husband die in pieces because of a racist bomb. Then the culprits (with many an evidence against them) are incredibly discharged by a fool justice system. Now it is almost impossible for you to cope with rage and pain. Thus you choose to reserve the same treatment (bomb with long nails) to the two killers of your family. And you end up committing suicide in the same explosion. Nonethelss you were close to the solution: survive and pay RESPECT to the victims, learning to bear with your affliction.



directed by Gabe Ibanez (2014) – When humans have to cope with robots and artificial intelligence there is a great opportunity. Actually it is a chance for evaluating man’s limits, shortcomings and defects. But it is also a great way to measure the potentiality deriving from our DETERMINATION.


Movies A is the list of films whose titles start with A. Continue browsing our list of inspirational movies by visiting the other letters.