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Movies B is the list of films whose titles start with B

Brad Pitt stars in Babel ("Moneyball 35" by GabboT is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)


directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (2006) – For whoever believes in it, Free Will is a crucial element of life. Anyway even the strogest advocate of Free Will know that coincidences and chances play an inevitable role in this world. Therefore our READINESS, ACCEPTANCE and HOLISM become really important. This is because these virtues support any effort to adapt ourselves to flexible circumstances.

This movie stars Brad Pitt as Richard Jones (picture: “Moneyball 35” by GabboT is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0).


directed by Rowan Joffé (2014) – What would become of our identity if any memory disappeared at the very moment of waking up in the morning? Thus imagine what it would mean to restart as a newborn baby, every day, from scratch. Keeping this scenario in mind we should never neglect the contribution of memory to our COHERENCE, INTEGRITY, DECENCY and PERSEVERANCE.



  directed by John Moore (2001) – In the most hopeless of situations the help might come from SELF-CONFIDENCE and from an acute sense of RESPONSIBILITY. Those are the principal forces which could facilitate an exit-strategy, therefore making successful any last effort. In other words, it is up to us the best answer to deal with unfavourable circumstances.



  directed by Spike Jonze (1999) – Identity is largely a matter of self-perception. Even so, a big influence comes, among other elements, by people’s responses to us. In order to counterbalance all these potentially misleading perceptions we need ACCEPTANCE, HUMILITY, COHERENCE and a measured SELF-CONFIDENCE.



  directed by Kon Ichikawa (1956; in 1985 a remake was released featuring same director and same title, but this was in color and its cast was different) – SPIRITUALITY means a profound aperture to universal and perennial values. Hence it is a significant component of a grown-up and mature individual. Therefore, spirituality is the best way of coming to terms with human smallness and limitations.



  directed by Ridley Scott (2001) – No doubt, war certainly is the worst scenario we could find ourselves in. Such a confrontational and demanding situation forces our true nature to erupt. And this “unveiling” happens in spite of all the travesties, masks and role-playings we use in everyday life. When we find ourselves among awful atrocities we need FORTITUDE, EQUILIBRIUM, DETERMINATION, READINESS and a very effective mental TRAINING.



  directed by Ridley Scott (1982; in 2017 was released the sequel BLADE RUNNER 2049 directed by Denise Villeneuve) – Emotions and feelings represent, among other things, an influential chemical side of human nature. This aspect requires WISDOM and CARE because it is often the engine of human life. In fact we know that all engines are powerful and dangerous at the same time.



  directed by John Landis (1980; in 1998 was released the sequel BLUES BROTHERS 2000 directed by John Landis, with Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman) – What our societies consider unlawful is sometimes fair according to more natural human parameters. That is why the conduct of a philosopher requires cleverness and incessant RIGHTEOUSNESS.



  directed by Bryan Singer (2018) – It is quite rare that talents, abilities and skills are themselves sufficient to ensure accomplishment and social success. Accordigly good qualities and merits need – almost always – the stable support of PERSEVERANCE and SCRUPULOUSNESS. It is equally important never to lose SOBRIETY and HUMILITY.



  directed by Terry Gilliam (1985) – Quite often our world realizes the nightmarish oppressions we find in Kafka novels. This is due to bureaucracy, stupidity, dullness and inefficiency in the public administration. The absurdities of many paradoxical situations require all right men to call on their DECENCY, SPIRITUALITY and DETERMINATION. The goal is not to go crazy and to reach one’s aim as well.



  directed by Martin Scorsese (1999) – Working in extreme conditions (i.e. in an Emergency Room or an ambulance) is a challenging test. Pushing ourself to the limits could quickly reveal the simple truth about our TRAINING, SELF-CONFIDENCE and FORTITUDE.



  directed by Ang Lee (2005) – Philosophical schools, regardless of sexual orientations, do value qualities such as TRUTHFULNESS, COHERENCE, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY. Indeed, for many philosophers AFFECTION is also important and they show this view in the concrete everyday life. For instance,  they take care of their pupils with great sensitivity and they enjoy affective and deeply emotional relationships.


Movies B is the list of films whose titles start with B. Continue browsing our list of inspirational movies by visiting the other letters.